Personal Site

Sun Jul 16 2023

The site you are watching right now. Using Astro and Tailwind.

Using Astro

While a SPA (Single Page Application) could look cooler because of the site not fully refresing while navigating, the classic MPA (Multi Page Application) provided by Astro should be way easier to navigate on any kind of web browser.

Using Tailwind

And Tailwind allows me to go really fast adding and setting up CSS for the site which is perfect for protoyping. But in the end I’m using it too on the end result, It’s a grat tools thanks to the autocompletion for those of us who aren’t frontend developers or designers.

It gives me full control over the view since I’ve access to the whole HTML. But with the advantages of being able to use reusable code or access Markdown files and rendering during the static content generation phase.

The result

Complete control over the code, easyness to use and maintain and 0 JavaScript for you, the viewer for a simple Blog which souldn’t require any JS.

Source Code

You can access the source code on SourceHut or GitLab.

The Astro logo